About Laura Evans

Being Mayor of Greater Manchester is a big job, with a big budget and big responsibilities to change things – What’s needed is a Mayor who’ll work with the Government and work across the whole of Greater Manchester, not one who turns his back on the government and whose priority is just the city centre.

The largest part of being GM Mayor is the responsibility for all the policing in Greater Manchester. That means deciding;

  • The Greater Manchester Police (GMP) budget
  • Where those Police Officers are stationed
  • The amount of money local residents pay towards GMP
  • Deciding on the top priorities for local officers

The Conservative Government is recruiting 20,000 more Police as we speak. We have an 277 additional officers in GM than in the last 12months. That means we can put officers on the beat in the areas that need them most, helping residents feel safer at home and in our towns.

Laura Evans, Conservative Candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, wants to put forward real change where the current Labour Mayor has promised and failed to deliver.

Laura owns her own business and wants to bring that knowledge and expertise to delivering a passionate business-like approach to the big job of Mayor of Greater Manchester - Using her local knowledge to work for the entire region. That means working with the government on the Prime Ministers promise of ‘levelling up’ the North.

The Labour Mayor has had his shot at it.

Greater Manchester is falling behind. We haven’t seen that much-needed jobs boost and investment outside of the city centre to help local people find work. He’s failed to deliver better transport links. And, it’s fallen on the Conservative Government to step in and deliver better policing for Greater Manchester.

As Conservative Mayor for Greater Manchester, Laura Evans will;

  • Bang on the door of businesses across the globe, reach out and sell the many benefits of them coming to the centrally located place that is Greater Manchester, bringing more jobs and the security of a pay packet to the areas that need them most.
  • Improve and invigorate the apprenticeships range and offer, making it relevant and recognised in todays work place . Easy signposting for young people to have access to the resources to be able learn the skills they need, to get into that job and get on in life. Driving adult learning opportunities across the region helping adults have more opportunities to retrain with easy free access to new skills and training.
  • Deliver interconnected reliable, transport links across the whole of GM, through partnership working, helping connect smaller towns through better bus, tram and rail service with easy payment apps and live interactive map. Making it’s easier to get to work on time, so you spend less time in queues and traffic and more time doing what you enjoy.
  • Build more homes – focussing on derelict and brownfield sites in towns and high streets. Regenerating areas that already have the road and rail links, schools and services in place. Saving green spaces and keeping them safe and protected for our children to enjoy.
  • Focus on the devolved health agenda that is failing in Greater Manchester. It's time to deliver an easy system that focuses on prevention rather than cure and offers wrap around 24/7 care and support. Covid19 has changed the way GPs and practices have worked with patients and we need to use that new way of working to change the narrative and offer more and better easy delivery.
  • Rough sleepers and people at risk of homelessness,Throughout the pandemic, the Government has supported thousands of rough sleepers and people at risk, keeping them off the streets and protected from coronavirus. We can go further and do important work to tackle the cycle of alcohol and substance misuse that, sadly, is often an underlying factor in why people end up on the streets across the country. A bed for the night will not cut it. We must make it a bed for life and provide a road map out and opportunity for real change.