About Laura Evans and "A plan for Wirral West"


A free thinker who has a business that was built from scratch. A working mother of two wonderful sons who really understands that life has its challenges.

I am committed to delivering on the Brexit vote and working to make a success of it.

Hands-on and living locally in West Kirby. I believe living in the area is essential, as it's the only way to feel the heartbeat of the place.

Some of the people I have been privileged to work with locally have kindly given me some testimonials -

"I have been working with many others who know how vulnerable and precious our Green Belt is, fighting to oppose the Labour administration needlessly continuing to put it at real risk.  Laura has been relentless in her commitment to protecting Green Belt, standing with us against inappropriate development in Pensby, Irby, Greasby, Hoylake and beyond." - John Heath, an Irby resident who is passionate about protecting our Green Belt.

"Laura knows that our high streets are at the heart of our local economy and wellbeing. She's supported small businesses setting up a Business Action Team to help local businesses thrive. As a small business owner herself, she really 'gets it' " - Phil Hicks, local businessman.

"Laura has worked relentlessly to tackle Anti Social Behaviour blackspots in Hoylake, Greasby, West Kirby and Pensby. I'm backing her to make sure we see our fair share of the new 200 police officers on the streets in Wirral West and not just in Liverpool so that we can cut crime in our communities" - David Wright, retired Police Inspector. 

"As a GP on the Woodchurch, I am confident that Laura will protect and support our NHS and our hospitals. I have seen the Conservatives investing in our NHS with the £18 million investment in Urgent Care and more parking at Arrowe Park making patients' and visitors' lives easier. I know Laura and I'm backing her" - Dr Ivan Camphor, Woodchurch GP.


I've got a plan to make Wirral West an even better place to live, work and bring up our children. If you put your faith in me to represent you in Wirral West, I will:

1) Stand up for Choice in Education:

Education is hugely important to me. I have had my own educational challenges. Educational choice is vital, enabling people to send their child to an establishment of their choice and valuing the diversity of Faith, Grammar, Academies and Private schools is essential. I will work to make sure we keep that choice and that we see the investment in children at every stage of their development.

2) Protect our Green Belt:

Working with local people, we were able to stop Labour form building luxury houses on Green Belt throughout Wirral West. I will continue to call for a local plan to be developed so that our precious green spaces are protected from reckless development.

3) Support Small Business: 

As a business owner, I know the difficulties that small and medium size businesses owners go through and the valuable role they play for their area and the country's economy. Wirral West has a diverse range of businesses, and as we see signs of growth in areas such as West Kirby and Upton high street, it’s clear these businesses are fragile and have concerns. I will listen to those businesses and look to assist them, so they can continue to grow without being drowned by red tape.

4) Secure investment in Arrowe Park Hospital:

We are increasing the NHS budget by £20.5 billion in real terms over the next five years. We need to ensure that Arrowe Park sees this investment and funding, and that we recognise and support our hardworking NHS staff. Investing in their development needs and priorities and making sure they are supported to do their vital roles. I am delighted that we have unlocked more funding for parking at the hospital which has been one of the challenges that faces patients and visitors.

5) Get Better Buses:

We need better bus services. So I’ve been working with local people to improve public transport. Now, I’ll demand action from Merseytravel to protect routes like the 81 service between West Kirby and Arrowe Park and the 22 to Chester, which are vital for residents. Whilst making it clear that these vital services, especially to the hospital, must be more frequent, operate longer and over the weekend.

6) Secure more Police Locally:

Working with the Merseyside Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner to make sure we see our fair share of local policing in Wirral West. Working with the local communities to address their greatest concerns, implementing strategies at local levels such as, station barriers at West Kirby and Hoylake rail stations, looking to stop the misuse of the rail service and keep the streets safer at night. Addressing the county lines issues. More than that, making people feel that if they do report a crime they are listened to and get a response.