Greens Party Policy Damages our Schools

The Green Party will allow no new grammar schools and gradually integrate grammar and secondary modern schools into the comprehensive system.

The Green Party will abolish external SATS exams.

The Green Party will abolish league tables as they give an over-inflated impression of schools with a higher ability intake which can contribute towards problems with admissions.

The Green Party will instate a system of local accountability using continuous, collaborative assessment of schools. Greens would replace OFSTED with an independent National Council of Educational Excellence which would have regional officers tasked to work closely with Local Authorities.

Under Green Rules Schools which remain in the private sector would be classed as a business and have all charitable status removed; they would pay all relevant taxes such as VAT and Corporation Tax.

The Green Party is opposed to creating more Academies and Free Schools and will support community, school and parent campaigns that share this aim. The Green Party will integrate Academies and Free Schools into the Local Authority school system.

The Green Party will abolish the requirement for a compulsory daily act of worship. Schools which choose to continue to hold acts of worship will provide an alternative activity for learners who choose not to take part.

The Green Party opposes the introduction of performance related pay in education.

Under a Green government there would be no student loans as there would be no tuition fees and living costs would be met by Citizen's Income.

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West Kirby Residential School,