Government announces a pay rise for almost a million public sector workers

Today, we’ve announced that almost a million public sector workers including police officers, teachers, doctors and soldiers will get inflation-busting pay rises for the second year in a row. Public sector workers deliver Britain’s world-class public services and should be properly rewarded – this pay award is in recognition of the hard work of millions of people, and will help us recruit and retain the best staff.

We are able to afford these pay rises because our balanced approach to the economy means we have reduced our debt while investing in public services, including pay.

It is thanks to our balanced approach to the economy that we have been able to announce today’s increases…


  • Teachers – the average classroom teacher will see a 2.75 per cent pay increase, worth on average £1,000.   


  • Armed Forces – a soldier at Corporal level on average wages will see a 2.9 per cent raise worth £995, while the starting salary for an officer will rise by £769.


  • NHS – Doctors and dentists will receive an increase of 2.5 per cent, with hospital doctors seeing an average £1,500 more to their salary. Nurses are seeing a pay increase of 6.5 per cent over three years, as agreed as part of a 3-year deal in 2018.


  • Police – police constables will see a 2.5 per cent average pay increase, earning up to £978 more this year.


  • Prison officers – prison officers will get at least a 2.2 per cent rise this year, with many receiving 3 per cent.