Reporting Back on our Fantastic Volunteers/Activists

Well the weather has been against us over the last few days especially if like me you spend a great deal of time on the doorstep talking with residents.

However, that has not thwarted our many volunteers/activists who have still been out delivering our Newsletter to your doors.

The Newsletters are always delivered by councillors, activists  and volunteers.

Newsletters are funded from fund raisers that are laid on by our supporters, throughout the year, they hold, coffee mornings, hot pots suppers , bbq’s and even the odd Gala dinner.

 At these events we receive many speakers, Ministers, political figures and Industry leaders, people who volunteer their time to support our fund raising and our Conservative mission.

At this point let me say we always welcome new volunteers, many who over time, take on roles within Wirral West Conservatives or even become councillors. If you would like to get involved or attend events please contact me.

Ever wondered why people like me volunteer?

For many it is the fear of a Corbyn and John Mcdonnell led government, the idea of this fiscally irresponsible, hugely unpatriotic pair, who are determined to add endless tax burdens on families, be it via their gardens, homes, parks, pension pots or small businesses is unacceptable. They stand for a Labour party that is always chanting that same old mantra, that there will always be someone else to pay and someone else to do the work.

Our activists and supporters know that the only way we can keep Corbyn out of government is by standing up for the things that matter and are at RISK

  • Our Greenbelt 
  • Our Educational choices 
  • Our Values and our right to choose
  • The Stability of a responsible free market thinking economy
  • Our belief that everyone deserves the best start in life, opportunity and hard work pays.


Why not join us?