We need your help to save Greenhouse Farm

In May thousands of people in Greasby, Frankby and Irby gave a clear mandate to our call to protect Wirral’s Green Belt.

However, the fight to preserve Wirral’s precious Green Spaces is not over yet.

Several sites are still being considered for development by Wirral Council as part of their Local Plan process.

Greenhouse Farm, located on Arrowe Road, is one such site still under threat from development.

Cllr Tom Anderson, the Councillor for Greasby Frankby and Irby, is asking for the Council to take the farm off the list of proposed sites for development.

Many residents feel that the farm is an asset to our area. There has been a working farm on this site for many years forming a vital part of our local heritage.

The farm supplies many local shops and cafes with fresh, local produce and many people enjoy the free range milk sold at the farm. We believe that it would be a short sighted decision to sell off this much loved piece of local green space for  housing development.

Another approach is possible. Wirral Conservatives’ plan is to bring more of the 6,000 empty homes in Wirral back into use and to produce a Local Plan that works  for Wirral. A plan that protects our precious Green Belt while encouraging development in the urban areas, including  those of Wirral Waters.

Please sign Cllr Tom Anderson’s petition asking that Greenhouse Farm is taken out of the list of Green Belt sites at risk of development

Save The Farm

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