Crime and Policing

The Mayor is responsible for policing in Greater Manchester – setting priorities, handling the budget, and delivering results.

But over the past 4 years, we've seen Police repeatedly forced back on to pen and paper due to a failing IT system. The time taken to answer 999 calls rise from 12 to 48 seconds, despite a 10-second national target. Over 80,000 crimes go unrecorded, including serious violent offences. GMP forced into special measures with the author of the damning report into policing saying the risk to the region is 'high'.

We can't afford 3 more years of this.

So I've got a better plan. I’ll get Greater Manchester Police out of special measures. Working with government, I'll fight to make sure Greater Manchester gets its fair share of the 20,000 officers being recruited nationally, so we can see more bobbies on the beat. I'll work to improve crime response rates so residents can feel safe at home or on the way to work. And most importantly, I'll restore trust in policing across Greater Manchester, so when people report a crime, they know it will be dealt with.

So share with me your experiences, what you would like to see, and the things that will help tackle crime in your area by completing my survey below.

Crime and Policing Survey

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Do you feel more or less safe in your community compared to a year ago?
What is one thing you would like to see to make your community safer?
20,000 Police officers are being recruited nationally. What would you like to see these officers doing more of?
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Have you been victim of or witnessed crime or anti-social behaviour in your community?
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